"We were very pleased with the SUREFOOT slats in our two 7-year-old barns, so we installed them in three new barns last year. It’s easy to see how comfortable the birds are on SUREFOOT slats."

Ed DeJong, Broiler Breeder 
Matsqui, BC 

"Cleanliness is the biggest highlight on our farm with SUREFOOT slats because of how clean these slats stay during the cycle. That translates into much cleaner birds, but especially into cleaner eggs, and it’s easy to clean the slats."

Gary Driessen, Broiler Breeder 
Clearbrook, BC 

"SUREFOOT slats are so easy to assemble and take down again for cleaning. We’ve been very happy with the reliable and quick service from SUREFOOT’s owners and with the very competitive pricing of their product."

John Hooiveld, Broiler Breeder 
Deroche, BC

We have been very pleased with SUREFOOT Slat Systems over the years, particularly with the whole system of removing and reinstalling being a one-man operation. We’re planning a new barn-definitely with SUREFOOT!

John Federau, Broiler Breeder
Clearbrook, BC
Producer of the Year 2000, BC

We’ve used SUREFOOT Slat Systems since 1994 and have found them to be very user-friendly to both chicken and producer. The slats stay warm and dry, keeping us virtually free of foot problems. And for cleaning, SUREFOOT slats are very easy to move, wash, and store, and their ventilation and durability are also excellent highlights. We feel SUREFOOT slats have been a great investment.

Allen James, Broiler Breeder
Chilliwack, BC
Producer of the Year 1999, BC

"Of our three barns, two have SUREFOOT slats and one has newer plastic slats, and we are just so much happier with SUREFOOT being easier to clean and so much easier and quicker to install. If we build another barn, we will definitely use SUREFOOT again."

Peter Veekens, Free Range Egg Sales
Prince George, BC

"We are very happy with SUREFOOT Slat Systems. We’ve purchased two systems already and are planning a third. I’ve been a producer for 12 years and feel SUREFOOT is the best system available. Some of the advantages are how easy the systems are to wash; how straightforward they are to assemble; how knot-free and very strong their wood is; and how knowledgeable the owner is about the product and the industry, being a breeder farmer himself."

Jim Malda, Broiler Breeder,
Gunn, AB
Producer of the Year 1999, AB

We love SUREFOOT slats because they give the chickens a natural environment, they are light and so easy to handle, and they are very durable. We spend so much less time cleaning than we did before.

Chris DenHertog, Broiler Breeder
Greendale, BC

After using SUREFOOT slats for 9 years, we are very pleased with their good condition. A highlight of these slats is that the birds appear so comfortable on them, and we’ve had virtually no problems with their feet either. SUREFOOT slats are so easy to handle, one man can entirely dismantle and remove them from a 450-foot barn in one day! We highly recommend SUREFOOT to you.

Sid Veenbaas, Broiler Breeder
Abbotsford, BC
Producer of the Year 1995, BC