For the chicken:
SUREFOOTwood slats have rounded edges that are drier, warmer to the touch, and more comfortable than other materials, resulting in fewer foot problems and better traction. Because the chicken's feet stay cleaner, the chicken produces cleaner eggs and stays healthier.

For the poultry producer:
SUREFOOT Slat Systems are made of long-lasting imported exotic hardwood that requires less support than wire mesh or plastic systems. This translates into easier cleaning and less cost for the subframe. SUREFOOT slats, moreover, are reversible, enabling the use of both sides to extend the life of the systems. And the system comes with a removable front screen that further eases cleaning and provides excellent ventilation.For your next barn, choose SUREFOOT Slat Systems. Your chickens will be extra comfortable, and so will you knowing that you made the right decision.

Durable Construction:
- Very durable and sturdy construction
- Manufactured with stainless steel staples

Easy Installation:
- One man can easily setup and dismantle the SUREFOOT Slat System
- No nails, all parts simply slide into place